I was on the Modern CTO Podcast

Enjoy a chat I had with Joel Beasly on his Modern CTO podcast.

I really love talking to Joel Beasly. He created the most successful podcast aimed at the Chief Technology Officer called Modern CTO.

To be brutally honest, I was super offish with him when we got connected for the first time, almost 8 years ago. He too would admit that he was, in his words, "cocky". He was young and successfully grabbing the attention of CTOs all over the world. I had just found my feet with getting 7CTOs off the ground and very much lost in the ocean of giving CTOs what they needed.

We've come a long way since then.

Our families have connected and we did an RV road trip together to the Grand Tetons. He is much younger than me, but I see him as my peer.

In fact we talk about the process of aging since I am now firmly in my 50s.

He also loads some fresh perspective on me regarding how he works with his people.

I hope you enjoy the chat.

Etienne <3